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A Beautiful Waterfall in a Dense Forest

A Beautiful Waterfall in a Dense Forest

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A Beautiful Waterfall in a Dense Forest

In this captivating pen, ink, and watercolor painting, the viewer is transported to the heart of a lush, wet forest, where the mesmerizing beauty of a white, foaming waterfall takes center stage. Tucked amidst the dense foliage, the waterfall cascades gracefully down a rocky cliff, its frothy spray catching the light and casting a veil of mist over the surrounding landscape.

As the eye follows the path of the waterfall, it culminates in a serene pond below, where the reflections of the surrounding rocks dance upon the surface of the water. The pond is a tranquil oasis amidst the vibrant greenery of the forest, inviting the viewer to pause and contemplate the beauty of the natural world.

In the foreground, a palm frond sways gently in the breeze, adding a sense of movement and dynamism to the scene. Its verdant leaves frame the waterfall, drawing the viewer's gaze deeper into the heart of the forest and enhancing the sense of immersion in the natural environment.

With its blend of intricate pen details and expressive watercolor washes, the painting captures the essence of a moment spent in the presence of nature's majesty. Whether standing at the edge of the pond or gazing up at the waterfall from below, the viewer is transported to a place of tranquility and wonder, where the beauty of the forest unfolds in all its breathtaking glory.

Paper Size

9" X 12"


- Stillman and Birn Nova beige-toned paper

- Pen, ink and watercolor

Uniqueness guarantee

This product is one of a kind and there are no duplicates of this painting. 

Framing options

This painting is available in a fiberglass 1" frame with clear glass. You may choose to have a 0.5" mount.

     Frame color options: Black / White / Brown

     Mount color options: Black / White / Brown / Grey

Please convey your choice of the mount and frame after you place the order by email at


The painting is done on a paper/canvas, while you are watching it on a backlit screen. Due to the inherent differences between these two media, the actual colors may differ slightly (but not too much) from the picture displayed here.

All images copyright 2005-2022 Shirish Deshpande. All rights reserved.

If you would like to see new artworks in progress and new works released, please follow me on Instagram: HuesAndTones1.

Care Instructions

Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from moisture.

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