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Autumn House

Autumn House

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Autumn House

In this enchanting pen, ink, and watercolor painting, the vibrant beauty of autumn comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colors. A quaint white house, with its charming red roof and door, stands as a beacon of warmth and comfort amidst the riot of foliage that surrounds it. The house is nestled within a landscape ablaze with the fiery hues of fall – golden yellows, burnt oranges, and rich reds paint the trees and bushes that encircle the property.

Dappled sunlight filters through the canopy of leaves overhead, casting a mesmerizing play of light and shadow upon the house and its surroundings. The white picket fence, adorned with twining vines and bursting with autumn blooms, adds a touch of rustic charm to the scene.

As fallen leaves carpet the path leading to the front door, their vibrant reds and browns create a stunning contrast against the lush green grass. The air is alive with the crisp scent of autumn, and the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze adds a sense of tranquility to the scene.

With its blend of intricate pen details and expressive watercolor washes, this painting captures the magic and wonder of autumn, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the timeless beauty of the season.

Paper Size

9" X 12"


- Stillman and Birn Nova beige-toned paper

- Pen, ink and watercolor

Uniqueness guarantee

This product is one of a kind and there are no duplicates of this painting. 

Framing options

This painting is available in a fiberglass 1" frame with clear glass. You may choose to have a 0.5" mount.

     Frame color options: Black / White / Brown

     Mount color options: Black / White / Brown / Grey

Please convey your choice of the mount and frame after you place the order by email at


The painting is done on a paper/canvas, while you are watching it on a backlit screen. Due to the inherent differences between these two media, the actual colors may differ slightly (but not too much) from the picture displayed here.

All images copyright 2005-2022 Shirish Deshpande. All rights reserved.

If you would like to see new artworks in progress and new works released, please follow me on Instagram: HuesAndTones1.

Care Instructions

Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from moisture.

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