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A Misty Forest

A Misty Forest

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A Misty Forest

In this captivating oil painting, the viewer is transported to the tranquil banks of a meandering stream, where the natural beauty of the landscape unfolds in breathtaking detail. Lush green foliage blankets both shores, creating a verdant tapestry that stretches as far as the eye can see. The stream itself glistens in the soft light, its gentle currents whispering secrets as they flow towards the horizon.

At the forefront of the painting, a flat rock juts out from the water, anchoring the composition and providing a focal point of interest. With its weathered surface and inviting presence, the rock invites the viewer to linger and contemplate the serene beauty of the scene.

As the stream disappears into the distance, it merges seamlessly with a misty, foggy landscape that shrouds the horizon in mystery. Trees and foliage appear hazy and indistinct, their forms softened by the ethereal veil of fog that hangs in the air.

Painted in a loose and expressive style, the painting captures the essence of the natural world with bold brushstrokes and richly layered colors. Each stroke of the artist's brush brings the landscape to life, imbuing it with a sense of movement and vitality that draws the viewer deeper into the scene. With its evocative atmosphere and timeless beauty, this oil painting is a testament to the power of nature to inspire and captivate the imagination.

Canvas Size

20" X 30"


- Canvas

- Oil Paint

Uniqueness guarantee

This product is one of a kind and there are no duplicates of this painting. 

Framing options

This painting is available as a loose canvas, rolled and packaged in a hard plastic cylinder.

     Frame color options: N/A

     Mount color options: N/A

If you have a query about framing or anything related to the purchase, please email your to


The painting is done on a paper/canvas, while you are watching it on a backlit screen. Due to the inherent differences between these two media, the actual colors may differ slightly (but not too much) from the picture displayed here.

All images copyright 2005-2022 Shirish Deshpande. All rights reserved.

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Care Instructions

Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from moisture.

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