Jungle Scene

I painted this jungle scene as a background for a frame in a movie based project. However, since the requirement was for a more ‘sinister’looking jungle in the background, this did not make it to the final version. So here it is as an independent painting!

Painted in GIMP using Wacom Intuos 4.

My First “Motion Comic” – The Victim

Since last few months, a relatively new genre called “Motion Comics” had my attention. I was highly fascinated by this new art form, and think it has a very high entertainment potential as a niche apart from normal comics and animation. I also saw some working proofs that this thing works from DeviantArt.

So I got a copy of MotionArtist for myself and got to work since last 2 days. As an experiment, I decided to convert my existing comic “The Victim” into motion comic form, and this is the result.

Watch the video on YouTube here: