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Zostel and Brahmanshahi Ghat with Urban Sketchers

 Visited the Zostel site constructed using shipping containers in Panchagani on Sunday with Urban Sketchers. The containers we’re a challenge to draw in perspective.

Visited Wai while coming back. Did some sketching at Brahmanshahi ghat in Wai. The oldest temple here is 12th century. The temples in the picture are from 18th century. They were constructed by Peshwas.

Wai Sketching Trip with Pune Urban Sketchers

On Sunday, I traveled to the towns of Wai and Menawali with Pune Urban Sketchers. It was an absolute blast. Wai Ghat (riverfront) accompanied by the temple is absolutely stunning.
I managed to do 3 sketches at Wai. After that we traveled to nearby village of Menawali. It’s home to the ancestral house of Nana Fadanvis, one of the most influential diplomat in the Maratha Empire in the 18th century. I completed 2 sketches (both involving old doors) near the house.
Both these locations are sketchers’ paradise, and all 40 of us came back home in the night with very sore hands, and very high spirits!


Wai Ghat

Nana Fadanvis House, Menawali