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The Rickety Gate

Almost every day on my way back from office, I pass the house ‘guarded’ by these rickety gate. This gate has a rare charm earned by the many seasons it has seen. The gate is old, asymmetric, repaired and re-enforced at places, and still barely standing.

Fortunately, the owner also seems to have understood the old school charm of this gate. (S)he has erected another ‘proper’ gate a few feet behind this gate, but kept this old rickety gate as a facade leading to the old stone house.

Done using Pigma ink pens on paper.


A Sketching Day Out In the Field

After spending so many listless days in the routine, I decided to spend a day doing what I love the most, doing some sketching. After many years, I was venturing out to do some plein air (outdoor) work. What better place to start this other than the scenic Pune University? With its rich greenery, wide variety of trees and bushes, it’s the perfect place for the nature studies I was intending to do.

I first visited an arts shop called ‘Art Katta’ on Fergusoon College road. I came across this shop quite unexpectadly, but it was a pleasant surprize. The owner (Mr Patwardhan) was quite warm and friendly. It was fun talking art with him.

I spent next 4 hours in University campus, visiting various places, sketching, and just getting nostalgic. I have spent the best moments of my formation years in this campus, and I could feel these memories flooding my mind and heart as I visited them.

I drew some landscapes and few tree studies. In terms of quantity, it was not much. But the satisfaction and the sense of peace I felt was enormous. These are the moments by which a life is defined.