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Sketches of the Day

Today I participated in a landscape sketching/painting competition (I did not win a prize). I did this pen and ink sketch for the competition. This is the area around the competition venue.

There was a two and half hr break after the sketches were submitted and before the announcement of results. So I went to Pune University for passing my time, and did this sketch on location.

Banyan Tree in Pune University

Today I happened to visit the beautiful and evergreen Pune University campus. The surroundings were as lush as they are throughout the year, the weather was cool, and the light was perfect.

There’s a giant Banyan tree in the campus. It’s spread over acres of land, and its branches have spawned a lot of child trees. Steps of stone crisscross under this canopy, while a tree almost 30 degrees to the ground bisects the view. The area is unkempt, with lots of stray bushes and grass on the steps as well as surrounding it. The stones making these steps are almost buried under the thick layer of grass and fallen leaves. The whole site is a beauty to watch  due to its sheer wild nature.