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The Victim – A new 4 page comic

I did this one just to experiment with the new ‘noir’ style. I was always fascinated by the highly stylized comics from the likes of Frank Miller and Shaun Martinborogh. I did this one with Pigma micron pens and Daler Rowney Artists’ black ink applied with brush on smooth drawing paper. Then I scanned these in, and applied few corrections in GIMP using my Wacom Intuous 4. Finally, I applied lettering in Inkscape. This is The Victim.

Entering the ‘Noir’ scene

I have been always fascinated by the strong contrasts of old black and white Hollywood movies. The strong contrasts accentuate the drama and tension in the movies, setting an ominous mood.

I am currently learning some ‘noir’ style art myself and it’s a whole new world is what I have realized here.

Here’s my first foray into the world of ‘noir’, where everything is black and white, and every character is grey!

Pigma micron pens and artist ink.