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R D Burman

R. D. Burman was a legendary, game changer Bollywood musician through the decades of 70’s to 90’s, before his sudden demise in 1994.

Yesterday, an art group, of which I am a member, did a fantastic audio visual program on the life and time of the RD.

For this program, I had painted a portrait of RD, which was printed in large size and displayed in the background.

I painted this digitally in GIMP.


The Sentinels

This is a concept sketch of rock sentinels guarding a ruined city. Once upon a time, this city on the far side of this flowing river was wealthy and buzzing with people. These sentinels used to serve a warning to the incoming traffic. Come in peace to our wonderful city, do your business and leave in peace.

Now the city, and the sentinels, have been surrounded by and encroached by the forest. But sometimes, nature decides to light up the majesty of these statues by bathing them with golden rays of the morning sun.