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Banyan Tree near the Swing

Last Sunday, I visited a very beautiful spot near Pune, called Girivan (literal translation – Woods atop a mountain). It’s surrounded by lush greenery and tall mountains. It was a fun filled day. During some quiet moments in the noon, I chanced upon this quiet spot.

Banyan trees have always been my favorite subjects due to their wonderful chaotic patterns. They are also more challenging (read fun) to draw. The contrast between the flat tiles, straight lines of the swing, and the wonderful chaos that was the Banyan tree was the highlight of this scene. I drew a rough pencil sketch on the spot, took some pics of details, and finished the sketch after I returned home.

Banyan Tree

My office in Pune is located at a very strategic location, smack in between the Mental asylum and Pune Jail!!


However, the street along which these depressing institutions are situated is lined with some of the most magnificent banyan trees. The trees are ancient, and huge. Every tihme I pass that road, I wish I stay back a bit and sketch them.

Today I did exactly that. I stopped by this beautiful tree, which had a rickety old wooden door behind it, flanked by equally rickety stone wall. It was a perfect setting for a pen and ink sketch. I quickly drew out the scene is pencils, and took some photos with my cell cam. Then completed this after returning home.



Banyan Tree in Pune University

Today I happened to visit the beautiful and evergreen Pune University campus. The surroundings were as lush as they are throughout the year, the weather was cool, and the light was perfect.

There’s a giant Banyan tree in the campus. It’s spread over acres of land, and its branches have spawned a lot of child trees. Steps of stone crisscross under this canopy, while a tree almost 30 degrees to the ground bisects the view. The area is unkempt, with lots of stray bushes and grass on the steps as well as surrounding it. The stones making these steps are almost buried under the thick layer of grass and fallen leaves. The whole site is a beauty to watch  due to its sheer wild nature.