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Autumn Lake

I am always fascinated by the riot of colors that is the season of fall. The bright red, yellow, orange hues against the normal greens and blues of nature are quite fascinating. Coupled with the crisp, cool air and bright blue skies, it never ceases to create picture perfect opportunities.

This oil painting is a bow to the nature, which is the greatest artist of all!

Oil on canvas 20″x 16″

Autumn Path

Autumn has always been my favorite season whenever I am in a western country. The riot of rich, warm colors contrasting the cool atmosphere, clear blue sky and crisp air makes for a pleasant and interesting combo. I did this painting from a reference photo I had clicked long time ago in the village of Ipswich, England. The final painting is wayyyyy different than the actual photo, as I kept on improvising on the painting.

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using oil brushes.