Drawing Animal Portraits in Pen and Ink - Bonus Video Content

Chipmunk - Pen, Ink and Watercolor
YouTube video - Full (9 mins)
Chipmunk 2 - Pen, Ink and Watercolor on Beige-toned Paper
YouTube video - Full (13 mins)
The Curious Horse - Pen on Paper
Elephant Head - Ink on Paper
YouTube Short Video (1 min)
Instagram Reel (1 min)
Tiger Face - Pen and Ink on Brown Paper
YouTube video (11 mins with instructions)
Lion - Pen, Ink and Watercolor on Beige-Toned Paper
YouTube video - full (13.5 mins)
YouTube Short (1 min)
Instagram Reel (1 min)
The Fat Cat - Digital Painting - Procreate on iPad

The Turtle - Painting a Pen Drawing using Watercolor

A Curious Monkey - Pens on paper
YouTube video - Full (13.5 mins)