Experiments with Fude Pen

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I just got a new Fude pen. This pen has a skewed nib, and can be used both as a brush pen and a fine liner. I am loving it for my urban sketches. With watercolors, it produces a unique effect.

This is a highly dilapidated building in the vicinity of my office. It’s one of the clusters of small buildings situated side by side. The color has almost peeled off, the windows and doors are in a disarray. The parapets for the windows have almost crumbled. The building itself looks like it may crumble any time. Still, it is inhabited.

While I was doing the sketch, a curious fellow approached me and asked why I was drawing that building. When I told him it’s just for hobby, he seemed relieved. Then he told me he thought I was some government officer (even though I appear as far as possible from that first impression), who was making some notes about the building.

He said he lived in one of the adjoining buildings and was fearful that his building would be the next one to be felled by the government. He told me he thought I was surveying the building to make a report about felling it. I assured him it was nothing like that, and he left with a smile on his face and visibly relaxed shoulders.

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