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Checkmate – Episode 2 is now online

I am very happy to announce that the 2nd episode of Checkmate series I had started last year has been published on MadeFire app. This series is available on iPad, Android tablets, Windows tablets and Windows PC via the (free) MadeFire app.

With the creation and publication of Checkmate series, my work is getting displayed alongside the best artists and the most powerful graphic novel publishers like DC :-), and I am really excited to go global via this amazing tool.

Special thanks to Amit Joshi for composing an amazing background score for this series.

My First “Motion Comic” – The Victim

Since last few months, a relatively new genre called “Motion Comics” had my attention. I was highly fascinated by this new art form, and think it has a very high entertainment potential as a niche apart from normal comics and animation. I also saw some working proofs that this thing works from DeviantArt.

So I got a copy of MotionArtist for myself and got to work since last 2 days. As an experiment, I decided to convert my existing comic “The Victim” into motion comic form, and this is the result.

Watch the video on YouTube here:


The Victim – A new 4 page comic

I did this one just to experiment with the new ‘noir’ style. I was always fascinated by the highly stylized comics from the likes of Frank Miller and Shaun Martinborogh. I did this one with Pigma micron pens and Daler Rowney Artists’ black ink applied with brush on smooth drawing paper. Then I scanned these in, and applied few corrections in GIMP using my Wacom Intuous 4. Finally, I applied lettering in Inkscape. This is The Victim.