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The First Rains

It’s the monsoon! The life is back in the world after a scorching summer. The sky is overwhelmed by dark monsoon clouds. The Earth eagerly awaits the life force about to descend from the sky.

And then it begins. The life giving rains first splashes mildly on earth with a reassuring cool. Then it torrents unrelentingly on the thirsty earth. The mood of the world lifts up. Your mood lifts up. You get out, away from the maddening rush of the city. Out in the countryside. The rain pours down incessantly. You throw away your umbrella and drowse yourself in the sensation of the first rain.

The sensation you experience every year, but feels new every year.

Painted in oils on canvas 15″ X 20″


Oils Studies

Recently I came across 2 very good books on oil painting, which proved to be quite inspiring. Most importantly, they made me stop and look back at my techniques and work for some quantity.

The first book was The Oil Paint Color Wheel Book by John Barber and the other was Expressive Oil Painting – an Open Air Approach to Creative Landscapes by George Allen Durkee.

Following are the two oil studies. Both are done on 7″ x 9.5″ handmade paper.

The first study of a lone tree is entirely done using a single color (Burnt Sienna) and a single hard brush. No black and white tones were used. The aim was to develop a texture using the hard brush and a well diluted single color.

This was an imaginary jungle landscape. The aim was to experiment with various hues of green.

Garden of Eden – color

Completed one more oil painting. This one took more than 50 hours. It came out very satisfying. Loved the look of this. The sketch in the previous  post (Garden of Eden) acted as a preliminary sketch for this painting.

The painting is done in oil on canvas (18″ x 30″).

I have kept a cool color scheme in this picture (except a dash of red for the male protagonist’s cape).

The following pictures show some detailing of the same

Steps on the bridge in garden


Luminous flowers
Luminous tree branches
The Lovers

I deliberately kept the details to a minimum.