Painting with Watercolor

Learn to Paint Stunning Watercolors in 10 Step-by-Step Exercises

Watercolor painting is one of the most exhilarating and most frustrating experiences one can have.

The watercolor medium is notorious for its unpredictability and unforgiving quality. But the same unpredictability can be harnessed to create some of the most spontaneous and fresh artworks.


In this book, you will learn
– Painting with watercolor using both transparent and opaque forms of watercolor.
– Understanding shapes and values while painting.
– Warm and cool colors.
– Complementary colors and how to use them to add some ‘pop’ to your paintings.
– Creating interesting and harmonious compositions using

  1. Unity
  2. Contrast
  3. Balance
  4. Dominance
  5. Repetition
  6. Variety

– Basics of one-point and two-point perspective.
– Coloring techniques

  1. Applying washes.
  2. Layering and adding depth, atmospheric perspective.
  3. Foreground, background and out-of-focus elements.
  4. Hard and soft edges.
  5. Negative spaces and highlights.
  6. ‘Exotic techniques’ for adding some zing to your paintings.

Of course, the real learning happens by doing. So, you will apply all the techniques you learned so far in 10 step-by-step exercises.
– A serene sunset
– The twin trees
– A still life painting
– An old wall covered with creeper plants (vines)
– Grass and the fence
– A waterfront house
– A rustic house
– Cabin in the snow
– Autumn tree near a lake
– The waterfall

At the end of the book, you will get links to video demonstrations for many of the paintings included in the book.

It’s time to lose the fear of the watercolor and start enjoying it.

Happy painting 🙂

Discover the Artist within you. Let's find beauty in the unexpected, extraordinary within the ordinary and set off towards that magical dimensions called Art!
Shirish Deshpande
E-book, Paperback and Hardcover