Sketch like a Boss!

From Novice to a Boss Illustrator in Twenty Easy Steps

A Pen is mightier than a Sword!

Now discover the true power of a pen in this amazing guide to sketching like a boss.

This one-of-a-kind exercise book will set all your sketching fears to rest and guide you step-by-step in drawing the most awesome illustrations.

Come join Shirish on this amazing journey of discovery.


What will you learn?
— The concepts of shadows and highlights.
— Shading techniques using pens.
— Various ‘texture hacks’ for drawing objects like glass, stones, bricks, wood
— Drawing human figures in the landscape.
— Basic perspective concepts.
And that’s not all.

You will learn to implement all these techniques hands-on in twenty amazing step-by-step demonstrations, spanning subjects of various levels of difficulty ranging from simple to complex.

Simple subjects:
— A Football
— An Ice Cream Cone
— A Plain Candle and a Half-Melted Candle
— A Leaf
— A Fruit
— A Mineral Water Bottle

Medium subjects:
— An Old Wooden Door
— A Truck
— The Stairs
— A Shopfront
— An Abandoned Car
— A Small Boatv– A Banyan Tree Trunk
— A Shrine

Complex subjects:
— An Old Victorian Building
— A Small Temple at the Crossroads
— An Old Stone Building Converted into an Office
— An Old Telephone
— A Church
— A House in Hawaii

Let’s get sketching like a Boss!

Discover the Artist within you. Let's find beauty in the unexpected, extraordinary within the ordinary and set off towards that magical dimensions called Art!
Shirish Deshpande