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Get-Set-Sketch! – Secrets Of Pen And Ink Sketching Unleashed!
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Unleash the artist within you! Get ready to embark on a magical journey through the realm of Pen and Ink Sketching.

Learn to draw amazingly fun sketches using the easy-to-use, yet powerful techniques for solid compositions and accurate perspective.

Learn to “see” shapes, shadows and textures all around you, like an artist.

Learn various pen and ink shading techniques.
– Hatching
– Cross-hatching
– Contour shading
– Stippling
– Random
– Using Inks for shading

Learn to sketch:
– Trees, Grass and Shrubs
– Stones and Rocks
– Animal Fur
– Wood
– Water

And two complete, step-by-step exercises + lifetime access to two free video trainings, where we will implement all these techniques.

Let’s Get, Set and Sketch!