‘Avatar’ and Dreams


Last weekend I watched one of the most anticipated movies till now – Avatar.

This post is not about Avatar!

This post is about the man behind Avatar, and the dream he lived, and what it signifies for me.


Innumerable pages and bytes have been spent on writing about Avatar and its creator, James Cameron. Cameron, who has created such pathbreaking entertainers like Terminator 1 and 2 (and no, he did not have a hand in the godawful T3), The Abyss. Aliens, True Lies, Titanic and now, Avatar was a truck driver when he was 22!

Since the day he watched Star Wars in 1977, he had a dream – to make something even on a  grander scale. Finally he realized his vision with Avatar.

I will not talk about Avatar here, even though I thought the movie was fantastic. What I am more impressed about the passion with which JC persued his dream, how far he worked  (and made others work) till it was perfect to his ideas, and in the whole process, did not ever let any critic change his course.

I envy that guy not (just) because he is so wealthy, or successful, or famous; but because he is one of the rarest few who have the means to follow their lifelong dreams with full passion.

Someday I want to be in that position. My dream may not be to make something grander than Avatar (although that’s not a bad idea at all), but it will be as close to my heart as Avatar has been to JC’s.

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