Visual arts have always been my passion since my childhood. Even though I have had no formal training in fine arts, my passion has driven me to learn and improve my art through every medium accessible over last 2 decades.

Human faces and figures have been my favourite topic and I started my art with sketching portraits of various public figures (pencils on paper). Later I was introduced to the oil painting by one of my friends, in which I created various mythological depictions (oils on paper / canvas).

Since I bought my first pen tablet in Apr 2009, my work has been almost exclusively digital (and original). The pen tablet has given me unprecedented freedom and convenience to experiment to my heart’s content, and the art has really started evolving. In the next few years, I am sure to improve my art beyond anything possible to me till now.

Click on the various links below to have a look at my sketches, paintings and digital art.

Sketches – Pencil on Paper


Paintings – Oil / Watercolor on Paper / Canvas


Digital Art


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