Shirish was born in a very populous city called Pune, in a very populous country called India. (The name Pune was derived out of the Sanskrit word ‘Punya Nagari’ meaning ‘The City of Holy Deeds’, but now-a-days the residents are too embarrassed to use the old name for obvious reasons).


According to Shirish’s mom, Shirish was very naughty and caused her a lot of trouble when he was a child. According to Shirish’s wife, the situation must have been a lot better in his childhood, since that time it was easy to restrain and punish him.

Till the age of ten, Shirish hated doing any visual art. A small incident and Shirish’s very big teenager ego swung that situation to the other extreme. Since then, Shirish has spent major part of every class (and every ‘important’ work meeting) he attended doodling on the back of his notebooks.

Shirish works in the thriving Indian software industry since more than a decade. He loves his job, but seeks a life outside work too. And his art is his main passion (apart from wife, kid, books, movies, adventure sports and video games, not necessarily in that order).

Thanks to his love for the comic books characters, he has turned into a fitness freak. As a consequence, making everyone around him guilty of whatever tasty food they eat has become his favorite hobby.

Since Shirish looks quite younger than he is (not to mention that he actually is young), some (envious) people suggest that he should work towards looking more ‘mature’. But according to Shirish, he rather look younger and not taken seriously than look ‘mature’ and boring.

Shirish is a PADI certified Scuba Diver. He achieved this lifelong dream in Feb 2010 on the beautiful Laskhadweep island in the Indian Ocean.

Shirish lives in Pune with his family and works in the same city. He is looking forward to travelling the world someday, without worrying for the monthly paycheque. With this in mind, he and his wife Aparna are involved in a large distribution business as well.

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