Shirish is a self-taught author, artist, and trainer based in a very populous city called Pune, in a very populous country called India. He has worked in the thriving IT Industry for more than two decades but is an artist by heart.

Shirish is an author of several bestselling art instruction books on wide platforms. His books are available in Ebook and Print formats in English, French, Spanish and German.

Sketching, painting, authoring books, teaching, scube diving, and family are Shirish’s main interests (not necessarily in that order!).

Shirish dabbles in various visual art subjects such as landscapes, portraits, figure studies, concept art, and abstracts. He works in various media like Pen & Inks, Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics, Spray paints and Digital art.

Shirish has participated in many art exhibitions, and his sketches and paintings are present in private collections in India and various other countries.

Shirish has published some very successful video courses which he produces himself. These courses have helped thousands of students worldwide learn the intricacies of sketching and painting.

Shirish has such an undying passion for teaching art that it has manifested into many forms in the recent past, including live workshops, video training, and now in the form of his numerous books on the subject of drawing and painting.


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