A New Beginning



Recession. Yes, that dreaded word which has taken the world by storm, has sent some rude awakening calls for ordinary folks the world over. Job losses, bankrupcies, frustrations and depressions abound.

And I am no different.

A part of the (so far) growing Indian IT industry, whose main clients reside in USA and Europe, it was impossible to be completely immune from the global meltdown. Luckily for me, I am still holding onto my monthly paycheque (It’s not AS brutal in India in terms of layoffs as in some western cultures), I was still worried.

Then it struck me.

Can this recession time be a blessing in disguise?

I have been sketching and painting for many years. In the eariler years, I had made some comics as well. But these comics were without any direction and real content. In my college and university years, I made many sketches (primarily portraits) and oil paintings (situations). One common factor amongst all these artworks was that they were always copied from various photographs and faithfully reproduced on paper / canvas. Even though many people around me liked them, it did not really satisfy me.

The recession and resultant free time gave me an opportunity to contemplate and think, to tinker with the part of brain clouded under stringent IT project deadlines.

First I tried out my hand at a small short film, followed by a claymation film, which proved to be quite an enriching experience. Making these films was the time when I discovered that I could write some interesting stuff, too.

More stuff about the making of my comic coming up


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