Kathakali is an a folk dance which originated the south Indian state of Kerala. Β The song-dance-act performance is made unique by the colorful makeup and interesting costume worn by (predominantly male) dancers.

I did this oil painting of a Kathakali dancer over a course of few days. Painting the details of the costume was a challenge, although a pleasant one!

Oil on canvas 22″ x 16″

Stages of painting






Camlin-Kokuyo and Venus Exhibition

Camlin-Kokuyo in association with Venus traders had arranged a state wide competition and asked for entries from amateur artists. This pic of mine was selected as one of 100 pics of 100 artists from across Maharashtra πŸ™‚.

The exhibition of these pics is currently going on at Darpan Art Gallery, Pune. Do visit this exhibition for a a visual treat! The exhibition is on till Tuesday, 11am-8pm