Sketches of the Day

Today I participated in a landscape sketching/painting competition (I did not win a prize). I did this pen and ink sketch for the competition. This is the area around the competition venue.

There was a two and half hr break after the sketches were submitted and before the announcement of results. So I went to Pune University for passing my time, and did this sketch on location.

Kille Pratapgad

Kille Pratapgadh (literal translation : Fort Pratapgad i.e. Fort of Valour) is a fort situated in the rugged and mountainous region of Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, India.

Pratapgadh was commissioned by Shivaji, one of the greatest kings India had Pratapgadh saw many wars fought between Shivaji’s army and the armies of incumbent rulers of the south and north India.

Sketch done from a reference pic sent by a friend. Pen, inks and watercolor pencils on paper.

Urban Sketching – Vaidya Misal, Pune

Did these ultra quick sketches (5 mins each) when I was enjoying Misal with green “tarri” at the typical old Pune restaurant .. Vaidya Misal today.

Sketched the overall ambiance in one sketch, and then sketched a group of men sitting at the opposite table. They were engrossed in a heated discussion about all things men .. like money, women, sports and weight loss!

After the waiter brought my tea, he noticed me sketching under the table and looking at the sketches, actually recognized which table I was drawing out of the packed restaurant!