Banyan Tree in Pune University

Today I happened to visit the beautiful and evergreen Pune University campus. The surroundings were as lush as they are throughout the year, the weather was cool, and the light was perfect.

There’s a giant Banyan tree in the campus. It’s spread over acres of land, and its branches have spawned a lot of child trees. Steps of stone crisscross under this canopy, while a tree almost 30 degrees to the ground bisects the view. The area is unkempt, with lots of stray bushes and grass on the steps as well as surrounding it. The stones making these steps are almost buried under the thick layer of grass and fallen leaves. The whole site is a beauty to watch  due to its sheer wild nature.

The Victim – A new 4 page comic

I did this one just to experiment with the new ‘noir’ style. I was always fascinated by the highly stylized comics from the likes of Frank Miller and Shaun Martinborogh. I did this one with Pigma micron pens and Daler Rowney Artists’ black ink applied with brush on smooth drawing paper. Then I scanned these in, and applied few corrections in GIMP using my Wacom Intuous 4. Finally, I applied lettering in Inkscape. This is The Victim.

Post Office

Today I had to visit the local post office due to some urgent work. Since the work was already time consuming, and I was entering a bureaucratic zone, I knew I needed to have some serious entertainment options to keep my temper. So I packed in my sketch book and pigma micron pens set. This stuff proved real useful, when I did this quick sketch of the post office. Later, I inked this at home to add some shadows and depth. Since the drawing is done very fast, it’s bit rough around the edges. But it was a lot of fun, nevertheless.

Entering the ‘Noir’ scene

I have been always fascinated by the strong contrasts of old black and white Hollywood movies. The strong contrasts accentuate the drama and tension in the movies, setting an ominous mood.

I am currently learning some ‘noir’ style art myself and it’s a whole new world is what I have realized here.

Here’s my first foray into the world of ‘noir’, where everything is black and white, and every character is grey!

Pigma micron pens and artist ink.