Ugly Corners of the City

After going through some art books recently, I have started believing that any ordinary and even ugly scene can be rendered in an interesting (and sometimes pretty) ways if seen and drawn correctly.

Today I was at a friend’s place. From the big window, I could see a vast ugly slum on the nearby hills. The organization within the seemingly chaotic way appealed to me, and I drew this scene. Staedler gel pen on drawing paper.


I recently came across a very interesting art book called ‘Drawing on the Right Side of Brain’ by Betty Edwards. In this book she has given a very intuitive technique of drawing a self portrait by looking in the mirror. I got the look right on the fourth attempt. Pencil on drawing paper.


Old Cityscape

I was recently browsing through a travel magazine, when I came across a photograph of a narrow alleyway in a town in Croatia. It was a challenging, yet fascinating subject. It has a lot of converging lines, many textures, different light areas, and a wonderful perspective. I drew this with ball point pens on hand made paper over a span of 2 days, 1.5 hours each.

Tree and the Barren House

This barren house on my way home always intrigues me. Some days ago, I had made a B&W sketch of this house and a tree on its left side. Today I made a color ball point pen sketch of this house with the red hot tree on its right side!

I made a quick outline of the tree and house, then took some photographs on my cell phone before the light faded. Then I returned home and completed the sketch.