The Dragon Slayer

A scene from another era, another place. When Dragons fought humans to master the planet. It was the era of mighty dragons, witches, wizards and fierce warriors. She is the mighty Warrior Queen, standing over her latest hunt, the red dragon, who has just obliterated a palace. But his might was no match for her arrows. As he lies helplessly at her feet, she contemplates whether to behead him or make him her pet.

I used this stock image (Warning: NSFW) from for the warrior’s pose. Thanks mjranum for the wonderful stock.

Yoddha (The Warrior)





Yoddha (The Warrior) is a Marathi poem written by my friend Ravi. When I heard the poem first, it formed vivid images in my mind. I realised that this poem had an awesome visual potential.

You can read the poem below in all its graphic glory. It’s been translated into English in the comic below.

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