The Water Chase

A secluded green island, blue water till the horizon, a small boat and a couple engaged in a romantic chase :-).

Created in ArtRage Studio Pro using Intuos 4. Total time = 5 hours.

We have Visitors!

A busy, chaotic, clean and green city of skyscrapers, gardens, water bodies and highways. A seemingly normal day brings large shadows of some alien ships, bringing along the uncertainty and anxiety. Are they friends or foes, are they visitors or invaders?

A quick experimental piece done in Artrage studio.


My first ‘wet on wet’ oils experiment digitally using ArtRage Studio Pro 4, using Wacom Intuos 4.

The Misty Mountains

Another era, another world. A world dominated by icy, misty mountains. And the overlords flying over these mountains.

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4. Total drawing time = 2 hours.


A bunch of naive explorers approach a mysterious cave flanked by dense woods on one side and a raging waterfall on the other. They are tired, and longing for a good rest. But something lurks in the shadows in that cave, of which they are totally oblivious. Can you complete the story?

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using Wacom Intuos 4.


Mermaid. This tool a while to do, nearly a month, on and off.Done digitally using ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4.

I was trying to get this look for the mermaid since long time. Finally managed to nail it here.

City in the Snowy Mountains

In the Distant Lands, there lies a futuristic city, surrounded by a tall stone wall and snowy mountains. The city is basking in the bright sunlight, oblivious of the dark storm moving towards it.

A face study – Digital

This is one face study using my Wacom tab, done freehand in GIMP. Used a photo reference just for pose and light. This looks nothing like the original photo. Used a different technique. First blocked out the broad shapes using base colors, then zoomed in with details. No initial pencil sketch done for this.