My 7th Art Training Course

My 7th class this year, “Draw a Boat in Water using Pens, Inks and Watercolors” is now live on and Here’s a sneak peek at the course.

It’s a comprehensive 2.5 hours course which includes the full process of penciling the rough sketch, inking and coloring process that I use to create these pen & ink drawings.

Udemy Course link:

SkillShare course link:

Top of the World

How do you feel when you are at the Top of the World?

This one is completely from imagination. Drawn with pigment liner pens, then colored with water colors and brush pens.

Tapari – colored using my new toys!

A few days ago, I had drawn this ‘tapari’ (roadside food stall) using pigment liner pens. Yesterday I received my first Brush pen set, and tried on this pic. Colored using watercolor pencils and Sakura Brush pens. Deliberately used a limited color palette to give it an illustration feel.


Femme Fatale

A pen, ink and watercolor painting of a femme fatale from a distant land and a distant time. Would you dare accept her challenge?

Rusting DP box

A couple of days ago, I had parked my car next to this DP box. The box must have been red in color when it was installed. Now it had turned into many inexplicable hues due to rust and wear and tear. I quickly pencil sketched it and then took some photographs on my cell phone. Later I inked, and then colored it using watercolors and watercolor pencils.


A quick, quick sketch of a surfer using fine point pens, water color and watercolor pencils.

Lady Near Waterfall

This pic is from imagination. Used various Pigma Micron Fine point pens(0.2, 0.5 and 0.8). Total penciling + inking time = approx 2 hrs.