The Witch

This is one experiment with a character sketch. Done using Pigma micron pens and brush pens.


The Victim – A new 4 page comic

I did this one just to experiment with the new ‘noir’ style. I was always fascinated by the highly stylized comics from the likes of Frank Miller and Shaun Martinborogh. I did this one with Pigma micron pens and Daler Rowney Artists’ black ink applied with brush on smooth drawing paper. Then I scanned these in, and applied few corrections in GIMP using my Wacom Intuous 4. Finally, I applied lettering in Inkscape. This is The Victim.

The Biker

Drew this just for the kicks (and testing out inking with a brush)! I never had a fascination for big bikes, but this was an interesting subject at an interesting angle.

Drawn using pigma micron pens and black ink applies using brushes.

The Bridge

This picture is based on a photo I saw on G+ of a stone bridge near a city. It’s not an exact replica of the photo, but pretty inspired by it. Done using Sakura Pigma fine point pens and ink washes using brush.


Don’t let this moment end…

I did this partly from imagination and partly from some reference sketches (to get the water effect). This one gave me immense satisfaction to draw the rock textures and the water effect.