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Kalyan Darvaja – Sinhagad

A quick 20 mins sketch of the Kalyan Darvaja at the Sinhagad Fort, Pune today morning.

The area I stay in has many ancient forts situated in the rugged Sayhadri mountain range. Many of them are less than 4-5 hours drive from my city, and Sinhagad (literal meaning “The Lion Fort) is less than an hour’s drive. They were used till early 19th century as defenses and command & control centers for armies.

This sketch is of an entrance to the fort preceded by a steep climb over rocky steps. I can only imagine the plight of the soldiers charging up this formidable defense for the fort.

Kille Pratapgad

Kille Pratapgadh (literal translation : Fort Pratapgad i.e. Fort of Valour) is a fort situated in the rugged and mountainous region of Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, India.

Pratapgadh was commissioned by Shivaji, one of the greatest kings India had Pratapgadh saw many wars fought between Shivaji’s army and the armies of incumbent rulers of the south and north India.

Sketch done from a reference pic sent by a friend. Pen, inks and watercolor pencils on paper.