Mountain Pilgrims

There’s a city in the distant lands, beyond the mountains, upon the sunny lands. It’s the city of hopes and prosperity. It’s the city of opportunity. And lots of pilgrims and travelers from other lands make a journey via the treacherous terrain to this city.

Yesterday I learned about a new lighting technique which I promptly used in this picture. Painted in GIMP on Wacom Intuos 4.

The Misty Mountains

Another era, another world. A world dominated by icy, misty mountains. And the overlords flying over these mountains.

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4. Total drawing time = 2 hours.


A bunch of naive explorers approach a mysterious cave flanked by dense woods on one side and a raging waterfall on the other. They are tired, and longing for a good rest. But something lurks in the shadows in that cave, of which they are totally oblivious. Can you complete the story?

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using Wacom Intuos 4.


Mermaid. This tool a while to do, nearly a month, on and off.Done digitally using ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4.

I was trying to get this look for the mermaid since long time. Finally managed to nail it here.

The Sentinels

This is a concept sketch of rock sentinels guarding a ruined city. Once upon a time, this city on the far side of this flowing river was wealthy and buzzing with people. These sentinels used to serve a warning to the incoming traffic. Come in peace to our wonderful city, do your business and leave in peace.

Now the city, and the sentinels, have been surrounded by and encroached by the forest. But sometimes, nature decides to light up the majesty of these statues by bathing them with golden rays of the morning sun.

Femme Fatale

A pen, ink and watercolor painting of a femme fatale from a distant land and a distant time. Would you dare accept her challenge?

The Dark Knight

I have been always a batfan. A superhero with no superpowers, yet fighting the bad guys, was always an icon. Chris Nolan’s vision finally made justice to the true Batman. The latest and final installment in the Dark Knight trilogy left me spellbound. It was a fitting epic ending to an epic series. This is a tribute to the Dark Knight. Drawn using the Wacom Intuos tab in GIMP.

Meeting Art!

Boring unproductive meetings are when the demons in my head long to come out.

Ball point pen on hand made paper. 45 mins.

Lovers in an Alley

This concept came to my mind some days ago ‘out of flash’! How would it be like to juxtapose 2 lovers against a dingy surroundings? Even better, just show their presence by their shadows. Leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination.

Drawn in GIMP on Wacom Intuos 4. Drawing time 1 hour.