The Witch

This is one experiment with a character sketch. Done using Pigma micron pens and brush pens.


Old Man and his Hut

Yesterday night I came home dead tired and with a pounding headache. I decided to sketch for a few minutes and did not realize how fast the tiredness disappeared! I must have sketched for 30-40 mins. I completed some minor details today during the lunch break.

Old man by his hut, a brush pen sketch.

2 Quick sketches to test the brush pens

Did these 2 quick sketches yesterday to test the feel of the brush pens. This one is entirely done using brown brush pen…

Here, the hair and towel of the lady is painted using brush pens, while rest of the sketch is done using pigma fine point pens.

Top of the World

How do you feel when you are at the Top of the World?

This one is completely from imagination. Drawn with pigment liner pens, then colored with water colors and brush pens.

Tapari – colored using my new toys!

A few days ago, I had drawn this ‘tapari’ (roadside food stall) using pigment liner pens. Yesterday I received my first Brush pen set, and tried on this pic. Colored using watercolor pencils and Sakura Brush pens. Deliberately used a limited color palette to give it an illustration feel.