The Cocktails

I don’t know if heaven exists, but if it does, it will look pretty much like this for me 🙂

A quick 1 hour sketch in ArtRage Studio Pro.


My first ‘wet on wet’ oils experiment digitally using ArtRage Studio Pro 4, using Wacom Intuos 4.

The Dark Knight Fan Art

Do you think we killed him?
Can you see him?
Arrr…I think he has fled.
But where can he go??

There’s a reason he’s called The Dark Knight.

Batman fan art – Done in ArtRage Studio Pro

The Misty Mountains

Another era, another world. A world dominated by icy, misty mountains. And the overlords flying over these mountains.

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4. Total drawing time = 2 hours.


A bunch of naive explorers approach a mysterious cave flanked by dense woods on one side and a raging waterfall on the other. They are tired, and longing for a good rest. But something lurks in the shadows in that cave, of which they are totally oblivious. Can you complete the story?

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using Wacom Intuos 4.

Flower Vase

Flower Vase – Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using Wacom Intuos 4. Time of painting 5-6 hrs.

Autumn Path

Autumn has always been my favorite season whenever I am in a western country. The riot of rich, warm colors contrasting the cool atmosphere, clear blue sky and crisp air makes for a pleasant and interesting combo. I did this painting from a reference photo I had clicked long time ago in the village of Ipswich, England. The final painting is wayyyyy different than the actual photo, as I kept on improvising on the painting.

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using oil brushes.