Elephant head

A quick sketch done yesterday night. Black Ink applied with brushes on smooth cardboard paper. White poster color used for some highlights.

Portraits Month

Various portraits done this month – all with oil on canvas

A self-portrait done with a combination of two mirrors, looking at myself in profile view. It’s a surreal experience!

A portrait in a live model session

A self portrait looking into a mirror



Glimpses of Krabi, Thailand through Sketches

I was recently in Krabi, Thailand for a dive trip. It was as much a sketching trip as a dive trip. The sketching, apart from pure joy of sketching, had an additional benefit of connecting with many people on a creative level.

I started with these sketches in the plane from Mumbai to Bangkok and then to Krabi.

I did these random sketches of some strangers and gave them away for free. People had a hard time accepting that I was giving them away for free. But eventually they came around 🙂

I did some interesting sketches of the Ao Nang street and beach, near to where I was staying

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Sketch a Hut using Pens, Inks and Watercolors

Sketch a Foreshortened Nude

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Kalyan Darvaja – Sinhagad

A quick 20 mins sketch of the Kalyan Darvaja at the Sinhagad Fort, Pune today morning.

The area I stay in has many ancient forts situated in the rugged Sayhadri mountain range. Many of them are less than 4-5 hours drive from my city, and Sinhagad (literal meaning “The Lion Fort) is less than an hour’s drive. They were used till early 19th century as defenses and command & control centers for armies.

This sketch is of an entrance to the fort preceded by a steep climb over rocky steps. I can only imagine the plight of the soldiers charging up this formidable defense for the fort.

Goof up Doodle!

I goofed up while doing this sketch. It was just lying there on my desk, because the paper was a high quality one, and I did not want to just throw it out.
Today got doodling on this paper and converted the failed sketch to a respectable doodle :-). It’s fun and oh so relaxing!