Lettering 2 – Speech Balloons. Making them look ‘Hand Drawn’


This is part 2 of the lettering process. Here, we will see how to finish up the speech balloons nicely with that ‘squashed’ look.

At the end of last procedure, the caption texts are grouped together with their bordering rectangles. The speech balloons are still not grouped with the ellipses bordering them.

Now it’s time to draw ‘monkey tails’.

Selecy the ‘Benzier curve’ tool as shown circled in the picture below. Draw the 3 points as shown in this picture. Let the lines intersect ellipse shape.

benzier curve

While keeping the benzier curve selected, press ‘F2’ on the keyboard, or select ‘Edit paths by nodes’ tool as shown below. This enables us to curve out the tails as we wish.

edit paths

Click and drag to curve the monkey tail to desired shape.

curved tail

Once the monkey tail is appropriately shaped, select it and the ellipse for speech balloon. Select Path->Union from menu. This combines the tail and ellipse to form a speech balloon. You will notice that the line overlaps between ellipse and tail are also gone.

path union

Now it’s time to ‘squash’ the balloon to give it a handmade look. Select the balloon, click on the Benzier curve tool, and adjust the balloon dimensions, so that balloon is aligned nicely with the text inside.


Keep the speech balloon selected, select the text inside it as well, and then group these objects. The speech balloon is (finally) ready.

Coming up – Desktop publishing in Scribus.

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