In 2014, I got acquainted with a new breed of graphic novels called “Motion Books”. Various platforms sprang up over the internet to cater to this new exciting art form.

Motion book is a book which falls somewhere between comics and animations. Various multimedia elements like motion, sounds and background music can be introduced within the book, which is not possible in traditional comics. At the same time, an interactivity can be integral to this medium, which is not present in animations.

I checked out some quality motion books on MadeFire and decided to publish my books on this platform due to its flexibility, ease of use, creative freedom and wider audience. I also published these books in limited fashion on

Checkmate is a story of a young queen of a fictional kingdom of Swarasujala. Her kingdom is invaded by a cruel king and she faces a grave choice which will decide the destiny of her people.

Checkmate Part 1 – The Day of the Reckoning

Watch Part 1 on DeviantArt link

Watch Part 1 on link

This motion book can also be viewed via (free) MadeFire app for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Windows 8 app.

Checkmate Part 2 – The Siege

Watch Part 2 on DeviantArt link

Watch Part 2 on link