I am an avid reader of everything under the Sun. Comics and graphic novels have always attracted me due to their unique art and storytelling style. During my teenage years, I did some half hearted attempts at writing a few comics. Unfortunately, my art did not really evolve.

Comics has a very limited readership and following in India, and it’s still considered something out of mainstream ‘for kids only’ stuff. So sometime in between all those years I lost touch with the medium.

That perception changed for me recently when I came across some masters of this medium such as Will Eisner, Scott McCloud and Kazu Kibuishi.

Some of the comics and Graphic novels created by me (starting with the latest one).

Checkmate Part 2 – The Siege

Part 2 of the Checkmate saga. Available as a Motion book on Web (DeviantArt.com and MotionArtist.tv), iPad , Android and Windows (all three platforms through the MadeFire app).

As the invading armies of Barkhiljee strike the imposing walls of Swarasujala, a bloody battle ensues. In the middle of all the chaos and hatred, King Vajraratan is presented with a tough choice. Will he choose survival over honor? Find out as the saga of Checkmate continues in Episode 2. 


Checkmate Part 1 – The Day of the Reckoning

Part 1 of the Checkmate saga. Available as a Motion book on Web (DeviantArt.com and MotionArtist.tv), iPad , Android and Windows (all three platforms through the MadeFire app).

When a merciless and barbaric invader attacks her kingdom, the Queen of Swarasujala has to make a tough choice. A choice which will determine her destiny, and the destiny of every citizen of her kingdom. This is episode 1 of a four part miniseries. A tale of great courage and greater sacrifices.


Dragon, Damsel and Distress

A funny tale about a prince and his damsel in supposed distress!


The Victim

A noir tale about a seemingly innocent girl caught at the wrong end of the city.


Yoddha (The Warrior)


A tale of a warrior’s plight based on a Marathi Poem.


Science is Always Right


The ancient battle between science and astrology continues till …


The Perfect Partners

The Perfect Partners - Page 5

The battle of the sexes transcends boundaries of the space and time!


Making Comics






A humble effort in educating the masses about the medium of comics


The Contract

When a young man makes a contract with the devil, he is not prepared for the price of this unlimited power

(Profanity and partial nudity – NSFW)


The Replacement


A bored detective gets a challenging case, a bit too challenging for his appetite.


iToons – The Indian IT Cartoons

Indian IT toons

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