Checkmate – My First Serious Motion Book, on its way …

Film and Animation Motion Comics

A few months ago, I came across a new medium called “Motion Books”. In essence, motion books bridge the space between traditional “static” comics and animations.

The beauty of traditional comics lies in letting the reader think, absorb the text and graphics at his/her own pace, read between the panels, fill in the gaps themselves. The animation shows and tells everything, at its own pace.

Motion books take the best of both worlds and create something unique. They let the user observe, read and imagine, at the same time showing motion, and inducing feelings via music and sound.

This is a new category where new high quality content is rapidly being developed, and I decided to contribute with a truly Indian story. This is a story of a king, a queen and their invaded kingdom. The Queen’s loyalty, courage and even her survival and honor are on line for the most difficult test of her life.

“Checkmate” will be published as a 4 part Motion books mini series on various channels. The first part is coming soon. This is a glimpse into part 1.