Launching my Teachable Site – FREE course and Courses at 80% Discounts!

Now all my Art lessons are available on my own Teachable school.

Go to to access all courses, including the exclusive materials.

When you register to the school (for FREE), you get 2 great PDFs free!

  1.  Materials for Pen and Ink Sketching
  2.  Pen and Ink Techniques – Waterfall Exercise

You also get these 2 course FREE! Click on the images to view trailers for these courses

Sketch a Hut using Pens, Inks and Watercolors

Sketch a Foreshortened Nude

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Happy Sketching :-)!

My 7th Art Training Course

My 7th class this year, “Draw a Boat in Water using Pens, Inks and Watercolors” is now live on and Here’s a sneak peek at the course.

It’s a comprehensive 2.5 hours course which includes the full process of penciling the rough sketch, inking and coloring process that I use to create these pen & ink drawings.

Udemy Course link:

SkillShare course link:

Pen and Ink Drawing Workshop

Sketching and painting is my passion, and so is teaching. So what better way to combine both than to indulge in a rocking workshop of Pen and Ink drawing?

Here’s a glimpse of the workshop, where we bring out the creative within you, regardless of whether you think yourself as good in arts or not.

Some of the testimonials received after the last workshop in November ’15:

  • Never knew I could use so many variations in a drawing. Thanks for the session!
  • I learned the essential tips and an awesome way to draw and sketch with a single pen.
  • I learned .. Sketching is not just art, it’s a science also. Anyone can learn this.
  • I learned … Breaking the rules is important 🙂
  • I learned … How to look at a picture
  • I learned … I can now draw anything with the info I got
  • I learned … Focus of the beauty of the picture, no limits, no rules.
  • And of course, the best feedback was this: