Omkareshwar Temple

Yesterday I had parked right across the street from the centuries old Omkareshwar temple in Pune. I was sitting in the car waiting for a friend of mine. He kept me waiting for around 30 mins. I had a sketchbook and my drawing pen with me. I could finish this much of the drawing with the limited time and rapidly fading light.

Quick Sketches

I did a couple of sketches while waiting near a garden today evening. I had nothing to do for half an hour, had a small sketch book and a black ball point pen. This is the result.

After this sketch, I looked for some very uninteresting topic around, and found this open electric box.

Oils Studies

Recently I came across 2 very good books on oil painting, which proved to be quite inspiring. Most importantly, they made me stop and look back at my techniques and work for some quantity.

The first book was The Oil Paint Color Wheel Book by John Barber and the other was Expressive Oil Painting – an Open Air Approach to Creative Landscapes by George Allen Durkee.

Following are the two oil studies. Both are done on 7″ x 9.5″ handmade paper.

The first study of a lone tree is entirely done using a single color (Burnt Sienna) and a single hard brush. No black and white tones were used. The aim was to develop a texture using the hard brush and a well diluted single color.

This was an imaginary jungle landscape. The aim was to experiment with various hues of green.

An Old Barn

A little sketch of an old barn. This was a full color oil painting in a painting book I bought recently. I drew this picture as a B&W interpretation of the color painting. I hope this captures the beauty of the black and white medium.

I drew this in my sketchbook using a Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.2 pen. This tool around 45 mins to complete.

Garden of Eden – color

Completed one more oil painting. This one took more than 50 hours. It came out very satisfying. Loved the look of this. The sketch in the previous  post (Garden of Eden) acted as a preliminary sketch for this painting.

The painting is done in oil on canvas (18″ x 30″).

I have kept a cool color scheme in this picture (except a dash of red for the male protagonist’s cape).

The following pictures show some detailing of the same

Steps on the bridge in garden


Luminous flowers
Luminous tree branches
The Lovers

I deliberately kept the details to a minimum.