Photoplasty – Me and Aparna @ Alaskan Cruise

This is one dream we cherish, travel on the Alaskan Cruise. I did this to try out the new digital technique I learned – Layer Masks

This is original image 1 – downloaded from Internet

This is our picture shot in our home.

This is the photoplasty result

This is done in GIMP, using Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.


The Fireboy!

This is my 7 year old son – Dhruv


This is Fireboy Dhruv

You Don’t Mess With The Fireboy

I did this using the GIMP software. Following are the steps.

First I removed the background and added some ‘electric’ hues to the pants.


Then I added some fire to the hands.


Added some shades to the face …


Added some highlights on the face and clothes. These highlights are formed due to the fire light.


Added an ‘X’ on the chest for that superhero look.


And added the background, some final touches and we are done.