The Disintegration

There have been many empires in Earth’s history, and one thing common amongst them is that they all disintegrated eventually. Many were in the process of breaking down unknownst to them.

Disintegration – acrylic on canvas 24″ x 18″

Trishund Ganapati, Pune

Trishund Ganapati (Ganesha with trifurcated trunk). I did not know such an exqusitely carved temple existed right in the middle of Pune city till a couple of days ago when Urban sketchers decided to sketch there.

In the limited time available, I could sketch only the entrance of this 18th century temple. The stone carvings are so exquisite, that they are overwhelming!

Elephant head

A quick sketch done yesterday night. Black Ink applied with brushes on smooth cardboard paper. White poster color used for some highlights.