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Twin Waterfalls – Day and Night

The twin waterfall paintings I did as a commission work for a family member. The requirement was to have 2 paintings on a common theme, to be displayed on 2 sides of a red wall.

So I chose to paint the same waterfall, one during day and the other one in moonlight. It proved quite a (wonderful) challenge, and the results were quite pleasing for me 🙂.

Oils and acrylics on stretched canvas. Each painting size 12″x24″.

Old Boat Near the Emerald Sea

Old wooden boat by the emerald sea. Two of my most favourite things in one picture 🙂. I started this a month ago, then was about to discard it as a failed attempt!

But I somehow kept working on it, and I am so glad I did 🙂. It slowly started getting back to life and became better and better.

Oil on canvas, 18″ X 24″.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature


Then did this quick little Jaswanda flower knife painting with the leftover oil paints.


Kathakali is an a folk dance which originated the south Indian state of Kerala.  The song-dance-act performance is made unique by the colorful makeup and interesting costume worn by (predominantly male) dancers.

I did this oil painting of a Kathakali dancer over a course of few days. Painting the details of the costume was a challenge, although a pleasant one!

Oil on canvas 22″ x 16″

Stages of painting






The Lone Canoe

Steps to make a painting:
1. Create a composition after lot of thinking and planning.
2. Copy the composition on canvas. Paint the blue sky and blue water for one hour.
3. Get frustrated with results and start over again.
4. Paint dark blue sky and water for another hour. Satisfied with the results, paint some clouds for another 30 mins.
5. Get frustrated with the results, paint the entire canvas black and start over again.
6. Paint the picture WITHOUT GIVING UP!

Oils on canvas 8″ X 24″.