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Bappi Lahiri Show Program Poster

Painted this poster for the Bappi Lahiri extravaganza that happened yesterday. This program was organized by the art group I am associated with – Expressions Surbhi. This poster was displayed on the stage background in 5 x 4 feet size.

Painting a Bappi Lahiri poster is always fun, with all the jewelry, gaudy color combos and the always-happy caricature look of the music maestro himself!

Checkmate – Episode 2 is now online

I am very happy to announce that the 2nd episode of Checkmate series I had started last year has been published on MadeFire app. This series is available on iPad, Android tablets, Windows tablets and Windows PC via the (free) MadeFire app.

With the creation and publication of Checkmate series, my work is getting displayed alongside the best artists and the most powerful graphic novel publishers like DC :-), and I am really excited to go global via this amazing tool.

Special thanks to Amit Joshi for composing an amazing background score for this series.

R D Burman

R. D. Burman was a legendary, game changer Bollywood musician through the decades of 70’s to 90’s, before his sudden demise in 1994.

Yesterday, an art group, of which I am a member, did a fantastic audio visual program on the life and time of the RD.

For this program, I had painted a portrait of RD, which was printed in large size and displayed in the background.

I painted this digitally in GIMP.