Far from the City

A moonlit night, the shimmering city at a distance, and we standing on the horizon … So close to the city, and yet so far away from the chaos…

Mukkam Post Dhanori (MPD)

Mukkam Post Dhanori is a Marathi movie released last week all over Maharashtra state of India. Some months ago, the creators of this movie approached me with a proposal of doing some paintings to be used in 2D animation sequences of this movie. Now I am publishing these paintings after the movie is released.

MPD Poster

The first sequence was of a flashback, where the leading lady of the movie, Pooja, describes a historical event in which the British masters ruling India were stealing treasures from the ancient temples of India. This was done in multiple layers to facilitate animation.
           scane 1 - frame 1-B


She also describes a band of Indian freedom fighters called ‘Dakkhanache Fakade’ (The Bravehearts of Decaan), who worked on preventing the British from stealing these treasures by removing them from temples and entrusting them to someone elderly from the village.

scane 1 - Frame 2

I did the above as a concept first, and was penciled by another artist, inked and colored by me.

The picture of this sentry on the left was my favorite, but it never made to the final cut :-(.

Scene 2 started with a character pushing the other character on stairs.

      scene 2 - Frame 2

Then the person thrown down wakes up in a dense jungle, and wanders around, lost.


Then he becomes part of the jungle, even killing wolves for lunch. Part of the penciling was handled by another artist here.



The last of the above frames never made it to the final cut.

It was a great experience working with team MPD, seeing the making of a movie in action. Hoping this is only a beginning of a long journey :-).

Mountain Pilgrims

There’s a city in the distant lands, beyond the mountains, upon the sunny lands. It’s the city of hopes and prosperity. It’s the city of opportunity. And lots of pilgrims and travelers from other lands make a journey via the treacherous terrain to this city.

Yesterday I learned about a new lighting technique which I promptly used in this picture. Painted in GIMP on Wacom Intuos 4.

We have Visitors!

A busy, chaotic, clean and green city of skyscrapers, gardens, water bodies and highways. A seemingly normal day brings large shadows of some alien ships, bringing along the uncertainty and anxiety. Are they friends or foes, are they visitors or invaders?

A quick experimental piece done in Artrage studio.

The Dark Knight Fan Art

Do you think we killed him?
Can you see him?
Arrr…I think he has fled.
But where can he go??

There’s a reason he’s called The Dark Knight.

Batman fan art – Done in ArtRage Studio Pro

The Misty Mountains

Another era, another world. A world dominated by icy, misty mountains. And the overlords flying over these mountains.

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4. Total drawing time = 2 hours.

The Dragon Slayer

A scene from another era, another place. When Dragons fought humans to master the planet. It was the era of mighty dragons, witches, wizards and fierce warriors. She is the mighty Warrior Queen, standing over her latest hunt, the red dragon, who has just obliterated a palace. But his might was no match for her arrows. As he lies helplessly at her feet, she contemplates whether to behead him or make him her pet.

I used this stock image (Warning: NSFW) from Deviantart.com for the warrior’s pose. Thanks mjranum for the wonderful stock.



A bunch of naive explorers approach a mysterious cave flanked by dense woods on one side and a raging waterfall on the other. They are tired, and longing for a good rest. But something lurks in the shadows in that cave, of which they are totally oblivious. Can you complete the story?

Done in ArtRage Studio Pro using Wacom Intuos 4.


Mermaid. This tool a while to do, nearly a month, on and off.Done digitally using ArtRage Studio Pro on Wacom Intuos 4.

I was trying to get this look for the mermaid since long time. Finally managed to nail it here.