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Dystopian Encounters – Wave 1

My third book “Dystopian Encounters – Wave 1, Musings from Another Dimension” is now available on Amazon stores worldwide!

It’s a collection of my doodles re-purposed as an adult coloring book. Dystopian Encounters is available only in the paperback format (for obvious reasons).

The book is available here for purchase (Click on the picture below)

The Enemy Within

The attack on the CRPF jawans in Kashmir on 14th Feb came as a very rude shock to all Indians, and I was no exception. More than forty precious lives lost to a bunch of jihadi fanatics. It’s no secret where these terrorists come from. Yet, they could not have orchestrated such an attack without support from within the country.

Investigations will go on. The machinations to avenge the attack may have already begun. There have been emotional calls from another surgical strike to outright war to nuking Pakistan. None of these are feasible at the moment if anyone is sensible to think.

Pakistan has played a very problematic game for the Modi government. The government will no doubt get pressurized to act and avenge the attack. If they go ahead with strikes within Pak occupied territory, Pak forces will be fully prepared to engage our troops, resulting in further (possibly heavy) casualties for our soldiers. If they don’t act now, it will create a serious image problem for the government.

And they have only a few months to act before the elections.

But that is another debate.

However, more than the attack itself, a much ruder shock came to me when I opened today’s TOI. I was expecting a headline on something in the tune of “Forty soldiers martyred in a terrorist attack”, but the headline said, “India blames Pak after local youth rams CRPF convoy with IED-packed SUV….”.

That time I realized how deep the system is rotten.

Read the full article here:…/…/the-enemy-within.html

Valentine Day 2019!

My funny take on the valentine’s day. सब फ्रेंड्स साले कमीने होते है. लेकिन जिंदगीमें रौनक उन्हीसे होती है (All friends are rascals, but they make the life worth living) :D!

Hand-drawn digitally over a Wacom tab in Manga Studio.

This is done for my friend Preetam‘s upcoming YouTube video on his channel “यशोमंत्र” (The Secret to Success).

Inktober 2018 Day 12 – Cruel – The War Machine

#inktober #inktober2018 – Cruel – It was hard for me to doodle something on this subject without getting nightmares, so this late submission.
I could not think of any theme, so I started doodling and let the subconscious find the theme. The theme which finally materialized is the War Machine. Rest of it is pretty self-explanatory, I guess 🙁 !

Inktober2018 – Day 08 – Star

#inktober #inktober2018 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, USS Enterprize, Star Destroyer, and Battlestar Galactica joined forces to thwart the massive threat to the Universe, called … (drumroll please) “The Attack of the Starfish Empire”!

That’s enough stars for the day, I guess!

Contact me if you want to make a splendid B-movie out of it .

Mukkam Post Dhanori (MPD)

Mukkam Post Dhanori is a Marathi movie released last week all over Maharashtra state of India. Some months ago, the creators of this movie approached me with a proposal of doing some paintings to be used in 2D animation sequences of this movie. Now I am publishing these paintings after the movie is released.

MPD Poster

The first sequence was of a flashback, where the leading lady of the movie, Pooja, describes a historical event in which the British masters ruling India were stealing treasures from the ancient temples of India. This was done in multiple layers to facilitate animation.
           scane 1 - frame 1-B


She also describes a band of Indian freedom fighters called ‘Dakkhanache Fakade’ (The Bravehearts of Decaan), who worked on preventing the British from stealing these treasures by removing them from temples and entrusting them to someone elderly from the village.

scane 1 - Frame 2

I did the above as a concept first, and was penciled by another artist, inked and colored by me.

The picture of this sentry on the left was my favorite, but it never made to the final cut :-(.

Scene 2 started with a character pushing the other character on stairs.

      scene 2 - Frame 2

Then the person thrown down wakes up in a dense jungle, and wanders around, lost.


Then he becomes part of the jungle, even killing wolves for lunch. Part of the penciling was handled by another artist here.



The last of the above frames never made it to the final cut.

It was a great experience working with team MPD, seeing the making of a movie in action. Hoping this is only a beginning of a long journey :-).

Mountain Pilgrims

There’s a city in the distant lands, beyond the mountains, upon the sunny lands. It’s the city of hopes and prosperity. It’s the city of opportunity. And lots of pilgrims and travelers from other lands make a journey via the treacherous terrain to this city.

Yesterday I learned about a new lighting technique which I promptly used in this picture. Painted in GIMP on Wacom Intuos 4.