Rainy Window

A very wet and rainy day, the soaking big city skyscrapers, a glass window separating the wet, cold world outside and the warm, loving world inside, and of course … a steaming cup of hot coffee.

Just add some old time music and a companion to share the memories with!

Painted using Acrylics in canvas 20″ X 30″.

Solaris – My first Multi-Canvas Abstract

This is my first multi canvas abstract ..commissioned by a friend. This is done on 4 canvas boards, two of size 16″ X 20″ (first and the last), and two of size 12″ X 24″ (middle two). Total size 64″ X 32″ (5’4″ X 2’8″). Painted in Acrylics.

Had immense fun painting this 🙂