Crazy Doodle

It’s always fascinating to sketch from subconscious, where one is not pressurized by the demands of creating a likeness to the everyday objects.

But after looking at what transpires, sometimes it can be scary, too! It can be “Do I really know that person looking back at me from the mirror?” scary!

The Disintegration

There have been many empires in Earth’s history, and one thing common amongst them is that they all disintegrated eventually. Many were in the process of breaking down unknownst to them.

Disintegration – acrylic on canvas 24″ x 18″

Goof up Doodle!

I goofed up while doing this sketch. It was just lying there on my desk, because the paper was a high quality one, and I did not want to just throw it out.
Today got doodling on this paper and converted the failed sketch to a respectable doodle :-). It’s fun and oh so relaxing!

Old Lock

Old doors and rusty locks are not just inanimate objects. They tell a story … always!

Acrylic and white texture paste on canvas

Cosmopolis – A four canvas abstract

Cosmopolis.. the new 4 canvas abstract art for my living room.

This artwork is painted on 4 stretched canvases. 2 canvases (first and last) at 15″X20″, and rest 2 (middle ones) at 12″X24″. Painted with acrylics.

This has changed the complete getup of the living room