Some Unpublished Oils and Acrylics

These are some of the latest oil and acrylic paintings which did not make it previously to cyberspace as they went directly into the Saptarang exhibition.

The Lighthouse – Oil on Canvas – 22″ X 17″ 

The Autumn Tree – Acrylic on Canvas – 22″ X 17″ 

Walk on the Beach – Oil on Canvas – 20″ X 30″ 


My Maiden Exhibition, Saptarang, Last Week

What an amazing week!
My maiden exhibition, Saptarang! Exhibited 34 of my finest paintings and sketches, along with six artists from Pune.
Learned a lot about event management.
Sold many artworks.
Made 6 great new friends. Had THE time of my life sharing the joys, stress, pressures and achievements with six of the finest artists and human beings.
Felt very grateful for the various media houses which gave relentless publicity to Saptarang.
Was truly humbled by the words of admiration and encouragement from viewers as well as eminent artists.
Was pleasantly dumbstruck when a guy actually asked for my autograph!!
Found a new purpose and direction for my art.
And made countless great memories.
Some highlights from the inauguration ceremony below: