Pen, Ink and Watercolor Sketching 2 – Temples of Cambodia

Learn to Draw and Paint Stunning Illustrations in 10 Step-by-Step Exercises

Cambodia is a land of a rich heritage, ancient mystique and a tragic contemporary history. Nevertheless, as peace returned to Cambodia since the last two decades, the ancient temples in the city of Siem Reap found themselves back on the world’s tourist map.

Siem Reap is home to many ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples. These temples are an example of some of the most breathtaking architecture and incredible artwork.

I travelled to Siem Reap in 2019 to visit these temples and experience sketching them on-location. The trip proved to be an enriching and meditative experience for me. I also realized that drawing and painting the illustrations of these ancient temples was equally a delightful and a challenging experience.


In this book, you will learn to draw and paint 10 illustrations of various temples in Cambodia using pen, ink and watercolor through step-by-step demonstrations. All the illustrations use the reference photographs that I clicked while visiting the temples. Every demonstration describes the thought process behind and description of every step. Wherever necessary, I have discussed compositional considerations and perspective, and the materials used.

You will learn the art of pen, ink and watercolor sketching via the following ten demonstrations. Scenes from three of the most famous temples of Cambodia are used for these demonstrations.

– Ta Phrom (also known as The Tomb Raider temple) – The Roots
– Ta Phrom – The Main Gate
– Ta Phrom – The Ruins
– Angkor Wat – The Stairs
– Angkor Wat – The Inner Ruins
– Angkor Wat – The Library Building
– Bayon Temple – The Entry Gate
– Bayon Temple – The Faces of the Kings
– Bayon Temple – The Buddha Statue
– Ta Phrom – Some More Roots

For many wannabe artists, the main hurdle it to begin the initial line sketch and getting the perspective right. To get rid of these hurdles, the reference photographs, rough sketches, compositional sketches and the final illustrations are given as free downloadable resources. You may use these resources to trace over the linework or use these references to give your unique spin to your artwork. The book will guide you about using these free resources to quickstart your drawing process.

As a bonus, many sketches/paintings that I did on-location in those temples are also given. I have also shared some unique and interesting experiences I had while doing the on-location sketches.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting and fulfilling journey of sketching with me.

Undying passion for teaching art that it has manifested into many forms. It will take you to expanding your imagination like never before!
Shirish Deshpande
E-book, Paperback and Hardcover